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Who We Are - What We Do 

The West Eugene Village Homeowner's Association represents the interests of all who own homes within the community. The Directors have a fiduciary duty to the Homeowners, who are mandatory members of the Association, and, as such, have a legal obligation to always act in the best interest of the HOA. Directors on the Board are all volunteers who live within the community. They receive no compensation. 


*  PROTECT PROPERTY VALUES - a well-kept neighborhood                                 

*  MAINTENANCE PLAN DEVELOPMENT - for maintaining all common areas

*  DELINQUINCY - no dues payments = no fulfillment of duty

*  PROVIDE UTILITIES  - electric for street lights - irrigation and drainage systems

*  RESERVE STUDY - as per ORS 94.595 


*  MAINTAIN STREETS, SIDEWALKS, STREETLIGHTS - privately owned - no City services


The community was originally planned to be a manufactured home, leased lot community when development first began in 2001. But that was changed so that lots were included in ownership of the homes on each lot. The community eventually became a mix of manufactured homes and stick built homes when the original developer sold remaining lots to Hayden Homes. The Association was turned over from the developer to the homeowners in 2010. Because it is considered by the City of Eugene to be a private community, all streets, sidewalks and walkways within the community, drainage systems, streetlights, and all common areas are owned by the Association and must be maintained by the Association. The Association must also maintain the perimeter fencing along Terry and Avalon and all landscaping just outside of it. Sidewalks outside the community, however, are not maintained by the Association. Those sidewalks fall under the Eugene City Ordinances. So, all sidewalks along Terry and Avalon are the responsibility of the homeowners whose backyard property lines are along those streets; however, the trees along those streets are the property of the City of Eugene. The HOA and property owners cannot care for them without permission from the City. 


The Board is governed by the Association's CCRs, Bylaws, and the Oregon Community Association Laws, ORS 94.550 to ORS 94.783HOA Laws which apply to this type of community. The HOA must be registered and operate as a non profit corporation and, as such, must also follow Oregon Corporation laws as well.

The Board of Directors currently consists of five (5) voting Directors. Those current voting Directors of the Board are:

* President - Deb Gates                                                      2 years of term remaining

* Vice President - Ron Liggett                                          3 year term begins February 2024

* Secretary - Amy Hanna                                                   2 years of term remaining

* Treasurer - Sheila Hart                                                    2 years of term remaining

* Member At Large - Cindy Waldahl                               3 year term begins February 2024


The Association needs Committee Members for the following areas:

*  Landscaping and Maintenance

*  Finance

*  Nominations

*  Newletter and Community Events

Architechtural  Control 

Rules and Regulations

If you want to be a part of the community, and you have skills in the above areas and a little time to spare, your Homeowners Association needs you TODAY!


Contact: Christina at Metco or our Secretary or President if you'd like to volunteer.


Remember - more volunteers = a better community!



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