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The easiest way to pay membership assessments is through the homeowner portal at PayHOA. Paying through the portal is also the fastest way to have your payments recorded to your account. Should you want to pay by check, you can either arrange for your banking institution to mail the payment through their bill pay service, or you can send your personal check to the HOA. If paying by check, the check should be made payable to West Eugene Village HOA, and then mailed to the below address. Please return the account identifier at the bottom of your statement with your check and mail to:

West Eugene Village HOA

P O Box 981506

West Sacramento, CA 95798


If you want to pay online, you can pay through your PayHOA portal. Paying online with a credit or debit card has an added processing fee of 3.25% + $0.50, and if making payment by ACH there is an added fee of $1.95. At this time, there is no fee associated with mailing payments to the Sacramento address.


Please note: if payments are sent to the Eugene PO Box address, your payment will not be applied to your account right away. Please remember, when you mail your payment to the Eugene address, a volunteer must go to the Post Office to pick up the mail, then deposit the payment into the HOA bank account, then manually enter and post your payment to your account. This will only be done twice a month. When using the Sacramento address for mail in payments, your account will be credited as soon as the check is received.


You can also set up automatic payments through your banking institution's bill pay service. Your bank will need to make checks payable to West Eugene Village HOA and also mail them to the Sacramento address listed above.


If you need help changing your bill pay address or setting up your PayHOA portal payments, please message your Treasurer, Ashley Snowden, at and she will try to walk you through the process.


Yearly membership dues are billed at a monthly rate of $45.00. All payments are due on the 1st day of the month and are considered as late if not paid BEFORE the first day of the following month. A late fee will be added as an assessment to the account of any homeowner who fails to pay by the first of the month following the due date. Statements will be sent no less than 1 week before each month's due date. Payments received after the 21st of each month may not be reflected on the current statement.

All payments will be applied to past due amounts first

If paying Quarterly ...  

*  1st quarter of the year is January - February - March. A payment of $135.00 is due on January 1st and will be considered late if not paid before February 1st. 

*  2nd Quarter of the year is April - May - June. A payment of $135.00 is due on April 1st and will be considered late if not paid before May 1st.

*  3rd Quarter of the year is July - August - September. A payment of $135.00 is due on July 1st and will be considered late if not paid before August 1st.

*  4th Quarter of the year is October - November - December. A payment of $135.00 is due on October 1st and will be considered late if not paid before November 1st.

Homeowners may also pre-pay their dues on a semi-annual or annual basis



All escrow requests should be emailed to


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