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The West Eugene Village Homeowners Association is governed by the Laws of the State of Oregon, the recorded CCR's, the Bylaws, Rules and Regulations, and any Resolutions which have been adopted, as well as Corporation law governing non profit corporations.


There are currently five (5) voting Director's Positions on the Board. They are:

President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Member at Large. 


Committees and their members are the backbone of any HOA which runs smoothly. The HOA can more easily self-manage the Association when committees are full and members are contributing. Committee members will discuss what they'd like to see happen regarding what each committee is responsible for, and then the Chairperson will present to the Board of Directors their findings and their recommendations, either at the Board meetings or through email. When an HOA has at least 3 volunteer members on all committees, the need for management of the HOA goes way down. Because the HOA must spend a considerable amount of the dues paid by homeowners for management of the HOA when there aren't enough volunteers to help on the committees, it is a major benefit for all homeowners to help the community by helping to make sure all committees have a minimum number of volunteers. 


The Association currently has established:


*   Architectural Control Committee (responsible for determining if homeowner lot/outside       of  the home changes requested by a homeowner follows all CC&Rs, and reports rules

      and regulations violations to the Board at least bi-monthly)


*   Nominations Committee (helps to find people who might be interested in being on the          Board of Directors)


*    Finance Committee (gives input concerning all expenses and income requirements of              the  Association. Helps in the development of the yearly budget)

  Landscaping and Maintenance Committee (keeps track of landscaping conditions and            reports the need for maintenance of any common area facilities - mailboxes and covers,          playground equipment, streetlights, etc.)


  Governing Documents Committee (helps to gather information regarding applicable               laws, and community needs, for the development and writing of new governing                       documents. Helps to re-write the documents for presentation to the members)

*   Newsletter and Community Events (help provide content for, and write, a quarterly                    newsletter and discuss ideas and plan for community events)

The duties of a committee member will vary. Time of year, conditions in the community, holidays, and more dictate how much time is required from any one volunteer. Usually, though, the amount of time is minimal (if committees are filled) and only the Chair is asked to provide a report from the committee they chair to the Board. Each committee is under the direction of the Committee Chair, who may or may not be a member of the Board. 


Association Governing Documents

The Association documents listed below can be downloaded or printed. 



ACC REQUEST (includes criteria and forms)


BOARD RESOLUTIONS (includes information request form)




AMENDMENTS TO BYLAWS (approved Oct 2023)

New Homeowners ... Welcome To The West Eugene Village Community! 

Please click Welcome link for your WEV Welcome letter


 ALL Homeowners - Need to know your Lot # ?

 Check your Community Lot Map here

Proposed Amendments to Bylaws unanimously passed at the October 2023 Annual Members Meeting


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